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September 18, 2018

Job Development & Educational Advancement


Educational advancement and job skill development are keys to success for dads—alleviating financial stress, achieving educational and professional goals raises self‐confidence levels. Low skill workers and families with low levels of education were especially hurt during the economic downturn. DTYCTS provides an opportunity for schools and Head Starts to provide information for fathers who would like to continue their education and/or obtain more job skills.

Example Activities

  • Invite a financial aid advisor to come speak with dads from your local CUNY, SUNY, or Community College.
  • Have a discussion of the dangers of predatory education institutions and "diploma mills" that make false promises to students and are expensive.
    • Invite a speaker from the Department of Consumer Affairs to speak to dads about the Know Before You Enroll campaign.
  • Invite someone to talk about community resources for obtaining affordable education/job training programs.
  • Invite local fatherhood programs that offer job skill training.

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